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Complaints Policy

I will endeavour to always have a positive partnership with parents in the care of their children. I aim to meet all the individual needs of the children but if a complaint arises about my service of care, in the first instance you should address your concerns directly to me.

If you feel that your concern has not been resolved I would request that a formal complaint in writing or email is sent to me and I will investigate the matter fully.

When my investigation is complete I will provide, in writing, an account of the findings within 28 days of receiving the complaint if your child is on the Early Years Register or within 20 days if your child is on either parts of the Childcare Register. I will also inform you of any actions that I have taken or intend to take as a result of these findings.

I will keep record of the following items:

· Name of complainant.

· Early Years Foundation Stage requirement to which the complaint relates.

· Nature of the complaint.

· Time and date of the complaint.

· Any action that will and has been taken.

· The outcome of the complaint investigation – how service has improved.

· Details of the information and findings that were given to the parent making the complaint, including any actions taken.


If you are still not satisfied, after following this procedure you may then contact Ofsted who will investigate, unless the complaint relates to privates matters such as contractual or payment. You may contact them at:

Ofsted, National Business Unit, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square, Manchester,

M2 7LA

0300123 1231

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